Honest SEO and Dutch native speaker

Who is Remco Tensen?

Remco Tensen is specialized in the field of online marketing. Born in Westfriesland, he still lives there with “that child” and “that dog.” For over 15 years he has been committed to the success of large and small entrepreneurs by assisting them with solutions for Technical SEO issues, SEO consultancy and Dutch visibility campaigns.

I have been advocating SEO for over fifteen years. And I noticed that many people struggle to market their brand online and actually grow it. Often an organization will have access to digital resources, but their staff does not know how to use them.

Marketing terminology and the tools used to set up campaigns, link processes and manage information flows are overwhelming for employees in other organizations. As a result, they are not optimally used.

I make sure that employees within organizations make optimal use of their digital marketing activities.

Remco Tensen Consulting is a reliable service line and automation partner for companies and organizations that want to get more out of their online presence in the Netherlands, and who are looking to streamline their digital processes.