Honest SEO and Dutch native speaker

Who is Remco Tensen?

Remco Tensen is specialized in the field of online marketing. Born in Westfriesland, he still lives there with “that child” and “that dog.” For over 15 years he has been committed to the success of large and small entrepreneurs by assisting them with solutions for Technical SEO issues, SEO consultancy and Dutch visibility campaigns.

I have been advocating SEO for over fifteen years. And I noticed that many people struggle to market their brand online and actually grow it. Often an organization will have access to digital resources, but their staff does not know how to use them.

Marketing terminology and the tools used to set up campaigns, link processes and manage information flows are overwhelming for employees in other organizations. As a result, they are not optimally used.

I make sure that employees within organizations make optimal use of their digital marketing activities.

Remco Tensen, the SEO Job Coach

Remco Tensen is known as ‘the SEO Job Coach’ at Heroes in Marketing and the Helden in IT Foundation, a Dutch foundation for people with hidden disabilities which he co-founded.

But websites are just real-estate. The impact comes from the message. That’s where Heroes in Marketing (Dutch website) swoops in. We’re your friends in affordable content marketing and advertising that make sure your audience feels the feels. Need a Dutch-specific visibility campaign? We got you covered.

stichting Helden in IT

Now, some might say superheroes wear capes. At Stichting Helden in IT (Dutch website), we believe the real heroes are those who overcome challenges. This foundation is close to my heart. Here, we help people with hidden disabilities unlock their potential. We train them, coach them, and connect them with awesome IT/marketing jobs. Been doing this for almost a decade now, and seeing them land their dream careers? That’s pure gold.

People know Remco Tensen as “the SEO Job Coach” (Dutch website). This connects his SEO knowledge with the world of job training. He helps people looking to (re)integrate into the workforce by equipping them with valuable SEO and digital marketing skills. It’s about giving them the tools they need to thrive in today’s online world.

Speaking of unlocking potential, LEGO Therapie (Dutch website) takes a different approach. This program offers LEGO-based social development for children with autism in the Netherlands. Yeah, you read that right. LEGO bricks can be powerful tools for developing social skills, helping children build connections brick by brick. Remco’s belief in the power of play is seen all over their website, if you’re curious.

De Nederlandse SEO specialist Remco Tensen en Google Search Trends analyst John Mueller

I’m all about using my skills to make a positive impact. From businesses to hidden talents and even building social bridges with bricks, that’s what keeps me going.

Remco Tensen, the SEO Job Coach

Remco Tensen Consulting is a reliable service line and automation partner for companies and organizations that want to get more out of their online presence in the Netherlands, and who are looking to streamline their digital processes.