Technical optimisation
is your SEO Buy-In

Practical SEO advice for your Dutch website with action points that you can immediately apply yourself

  1. Schedule audit
  2. Core Web Vitals scan
  3. SERP search results analysis
  4. Extensive competition research
  5. Local Search analysis (local findability)
  6. Backlink profile analysis (manual analysis!)
  7. Back-end technology, crawlability and performance
  8. User-friendliness and conversion techniques
  9. Search intent check with relevant target groups
  10. Information retrieval check
  11. Online entity check

A technical optimisation of your website does not lead to more conversions. It’s your SEO Buy-In. With Technical SEO you improve the loading speed of your website, the website architecture, the link references on the pages and more.

You start the optimisation of your Dutch pages with a Technical SEO audit, in other words: a website quality check for your Dutch website.

A real SEO audit takes at least 2-3 days from an experienced professional. If other parties offer you a free SEO audit, keep in mind that you probably get what you pay for. Now that you have found a reliable Dutch SEO professional, you naturally want to know what a real SEO audit costs.

The good news is: asking is free.

Fill in a few details in the form at the bottom of this page and let’s arrange a time to chat, find out where you stand, where you want to be and what you need to help you get there.

Recommended website improvements are often not implemented

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What can you expect from Dutch Technical SEO?

With Technical SEO you improve the loading speed of your Dutch website, the website architecture, the link references on the pages and more. It is essential that we together ensure that all necessary technical SEO tasks are actually performed.

Technical website improvement points and SEO advice are by no means always implemented, due to a lack of knowledge and capacity on the part of the customer. That’s a shame, because Technical SEO is the precondition for achieving better results with Dutch Search marketing. Get solutions for complex Dutch marketing issues sent in understandable language and bite-sized parts.

Not a 100-page technical document that’ll scare your developer

I work according to an unique process based aimed at actually getting all website improvements from the technical SEO audit fully implemented; the foundation for achieving results with Dutch SEO.

I put technical points for improvement for your Dutch website within a set of priorities, from which a work plan is created for developers. I make a complete technical SEO audit, but divided in specific themes. I will send you the various audit modules digitally in understandable language, over a period of at least 10 working days.

The way of communicating is in line with how your team likes to work. Would you prefer to receive all information in Word documents? Would you like to work with me via Google Sheets? Or do I make your life easier by shooting tickets directly in JIRA? I do everything I can to make it easier to perform the suggested SEO tasks on your Dutch website and your high quality Dutch content