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Optimize your paid advertising strategy in the Netherlands more effectively

The Search experience is changing. The search results pages became dynamic and increasingly show other elements in addition to textual search results and advertisements.

Meanwhile, the Search user switches from device to device: from laptop to telephone; then another website, then another app, then another email. This offers opportunities, but also challenges. Including a sharp drop in the average number of clicks on Google’s search results.

Dutch advertising campaigns are not an alternative to SEO in the Netherlands, but they fit perfectly within a complete Dutch marketing strategy. Technical SEO can help to make paid campaigns successful and to keep the costs on bids lower.

I therefore offer Dutch paid advertising campaigns in addition to Dutch website development, Dutch content creation, Dutch SEO advice, and executive Dutch SEO services.

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Wherever the buyer is at a fraction of the cost of Google Ads

Dynamic and scalable ad campaigns

As an entrepreneur, you spend a third of your advertising budget on ads in periods with almost no traffic. This makes for more valuable slots for larger foreign ad buyers. You pay a high price for poor service on Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Centralize data, continuously optimize your campaigns and prevent cost-increasing click fraud and double-billed costs.

In addition to the well-known advertising methods, Remco Tensen offers effective and cheaper alternatives, such as After Search Ads. Try this new advertising method based on Big Data, A.I. and predictive modelling. Shows intuitive ads everywhere customers go after their search session.

This approach to digital advertising gives a higher priority to ROI and CPA compared to the CPC bidding model of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Only pay if you are really interested

No longer bidding on a position in a period, but a fixed rate per click, whereby you only pay if the visitor reads the page completely. Future proof cookieless targeting based on predictive models, without tracking people.

Buyers quickly switch between different devices and digital platforms. After Search Ads make it possible to remain visible to the target group with a high purchase intent at least 66% of the time that your customers orient themselves online.

After Search Ads offers a fixed CPC (Cost-Per-Click) based on industry averages. This reduces the cost of keywords by at least 50%. Try this new advertising solution alongside your Facebook and Google Ads campaigns and compare the results.

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How do I sell products with a webshop?

Turn your webshop into an intelligent eCommerce platform with a Strategy-First approach. Use eCommerce growth strategies, CRO and SEO with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Grow your brand online, optimize for more conversions and grow your webshop with a tailor-made marketing plan. Create and grow your webshop​.

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