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High quality Dutch SEO, impact Dutch organic visibility, brand awareness in the Netherlands, and Dutch marketing campaign ROI.

A good long-term relationship with your SEO is mainly a matter of trust, and trust can only be obtained when you understand what’s happening. Step from the road to the sea to the sky…


Develop a Dutch affordable website that you can easily manage. Optimised for performance and visibility.


Rely on an SEO audit and accompanying advice, with action points that you can apply yourself, and outsource to me.


Using a smart Dutch organic and paid visibility strategy, I drive Dutch traffic to your most important asset: your website.


Are Dutch SEO efforts not paying off? Identify factors impacting Dutch search results and maximise conversion.


If you don’t measure, you’re not marketing. Centralise data based on data analyst, IT strategist, and logistical considerations.


Are organic results not working fast enough? Add Dutch cross-channel advertising campaigns to your marketing mix.

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The 8 biggest challenges to getting good results from Dutch SEO

  1. Budget restrictions
  2. Strategy problems
  3. Too few resources
  4. Pandemic and other crisis related issues
  5. Management/investor support
  6. Scalability for the Netherlands
  7. Dutch customer relations
  8. Dutch legal challenges

Why you should invest in your Dutch website pages during a recession

Investing in your Dutch website pages and Dutch content marketing during the recession will not only help curb the decline in online visibility that many Dutch industries are currently experiencing, but will also give these companies an edge over their competition targeting the Netherlands once the markets in the Netherlands stabilize.

Google is putting more and more emphasis on the overall “health” of a site. A website that is perfectly optimized for the search engine experience in the Netherlands, at first glance may not perform as well as it should, due to a lack of: the required techniques, valuable links from Dutch sources, Dutch social signals, or the necessary trust elements in and around the website presence in the Netherlands.

Every website that comes online creates a new demand for SEO. The question is, will that work be profitable? You can hire people to do the basics, but finding a Dutch SEO professional who really understands the Dutch language and how everything works together is nearly impossible.

Now that you have found a reliable Dutch speaking SEO professional, you naturally want to know what SEO costs in the Netherlands. Saving on your Dutch SEO investment is a risk to your digital assets and your SEO goals. So to protect your website and get good results from it in the Netherlands, you should not skimp on SEO.

The good news is: asking is free.

Fill in a few details in the form at the bottom of this page and let’s arrange a time to chat, find out where you stand, where you want to be and what you need to help you get there.

Dutch native speaking SEO

Are you looking for a Dutch native speaker?

I’m available for remote work and support services for SEO, digital marketing, and copywriting in Dutch and English. Reach out to me directly over WhatsApp. Asking is free!

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I’m going to ask a lot of questions. Let’s go!

Marketing Strategy

No advertising campaign test, no conversion funnel, no visibility tactic, without a marketing strategy.

Website Quality Check

Full audits or an affordable website quality check with clear action points you can immediately apply yourself.

Rocket Channels

I proactively come up with different approaches, review the results and regularly test new channels.

Astounding work

Remco’s work showed an astounding level of brilliance across the industry. I was captivating by the flow and fluidity from one paragraph to another, and as well by the ideas espoused in each of those paragraph. It’s proof that the work came from a shelter of excellence for thoughts and laboratory of intellect.

Saheed Hassan

A lot of success

Remco Tensen has been carrying out our seo and sea activities with great success for a long time. We are therefore very satisfied and would like to recommend this service for companies that want to achieve more results!

Joey Deeming

The right know how

A great company with the right know-how! A lot of experience in setting up websites, but also advising in approaching the target group, how best to place certain texts and images so that it stands out and get your website at a high position in search engines. The lines are short and issues can be solved quickly.

Lee van der Neut

Remzi Cavdar

Remco is creative

Remco is good at coming up with creative and catchy texts that ensure that customers understand you. He is clear in advance and communicates well before and during every step what is going to happen. Remco knows and applies the technical quality requirements that Google expects from websites/text.

Remzi Cavdar

Ema Najetovic

Surprisingly fast

Remco helped us surprisingly quickly with a clear report that contains many useful things and which we can use immediately.

Ema Najetovic

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