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Have your Dutch website made with Client Centric Web Development

Never just replace your website. If necessary, first request a website quality check to discover whether it is wise to have your Dutch website replaced by a Dutch High-Performance Website.

Have a Dutch website made

  1. Unique customer experience
  2. FREE website consultation
  3. Direct contact with a Dutch native speaking SEO
  4. Real-Time involvement in Dutch website development
  5. No hidden extra costs​

Are there monthly costs associated with having a Dutch website made through Remco tensen?

If you decide to also have your Dutch website hosted and managed through me, additional costs will be charged. In that case, I will draw up a customized service level agreement (SLA).

Is there no SLA agreement, but did you buy your Dutch website separately?

Then third parties may charge costs for hosting and managing your Dutch website.

What is the advantage of having a Dutch website made by Remco Tensen?

I don’t make choices that you later turn out not to want during the development of your Dutch website. I create Dutch websites based on my unique ‘Client Centric Web Development’ development process. As a result, Dutch websites bought through me are ready more quickly, and of better quality.

Which cms platforms does Remco Tensen use to create Dutch websites?

For creating websites, I use popular platforms: WordPress, Duda, Wix, and Shopify. The type of cms depends on content focus, budget, and website management skill level.

Real-Time involvement during your website development


  1. The developer, writer and SEO specialist are not involved in creating the website from the start

  2. After feedback from the specialists or the customer the work should be redone

  3. Problems and unwanted elements are introduced and over-copied to all pages

  4. Huge scope creep, (extra work and extra costs), a burnout risk in the development team and substandard service due to an unrealistic “unlimited everything” mentality: a risk for your web development project

  5. Invoicing is not pleasant and unclear costs are incurred charged

based on results from a customer feedback analysis of Dutch website developers


  1. Choose the cms that best suits the goals you want to achieve with your website

  2. The development of your website is handled by experienced specialists from start to finish

  3. Problems and adjustments are processed immediately, before this becomes a time-consuming job

  4. You can log in directly into the cms and see the entire development process in real-time

  5. Because you get the login for the cms early on, you get to know the backend system, even before the website goes online

  6. It is immediately clear what you get and what it costs, if necessary we will record this in a service agreement (SLA)

  7. The entire process is pleasant for all parties, so that buying a website and receiving service remains a pleasant experience