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Set up Dutch content distribution with a native Dutch speaking SEO

You do exactly what they say: you consistently fling Dutch written blogs online and share them all over Dutch social media. But then you find out that your blogs written in Dutch, are not indexed by Google, and that your Dutch posts in Dutch social media groups, do not reach your Dutch target audience through the filters.

You have underestimated how important it is to produce high quality Dutch content, that resonates with the Dutch people.

Working with enthusiasm to create Dutch content that meets Dutch visitor demands, is extremely important, but that’s not the whole story. A good website localised for visitors in the Netherlands, will not automatically be considered important in a competitive algorithm system like Google Search.

What can a Dutch speaking SEO specialist do for you?

When creating Dutch content, the Dutch native SEO specialist will actually look at what Dutch people do.

Which Dutch groups of people are interesting? How do Dutch people communicate in these groups? How do these Dutch people search? Where are the opportunities in the Netherlands? And how are you going to appear again and again on the small screen of mobile phones in Dutch online markets?

You need a Dutch distribution network to help you build online brand authority in the Netherlands. As a Dutch native speaking SEO, I can write a Dutch outreach strategy and connect with third party websites in the Netherlands, Dutch publicists, and Dutch influencers who generate valuable backlinks to your site from Dutch sources.

Using a highly effective Dutch paid advertising campaign is part of distribution and promotion too. It’s not enough to just create Dutch content to then leave it alone.

You have to invest 5 times more in your Dutch content promotion, than you do in your Dutch content creation, and you need the best quality Dutch content, to get the best results in the Netherlands. Reach out to Remco Tensen, a Dutch native speaking SEO, living and working from the Netherlands.

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